At Millbrae Montessori School, your child will discover the joy of learning through a Montessori inspired curriculum. We inspire our students to enjoy learning by offering:**



  • Arts and Crafts
  • Foreign Languages (Mandarin, and Spanish)
  • Geography
  • History – Art of Famous Artists
  • Individualized and Shared Reading
  • Language Arts Comprehension
  • Math
  • Music class, soccer, & yoga
  • Organic Gardening
  • Phonics and Phonetic Awareness
  • Science


(For an additional cost ranging anywhere from $7-35.00 per program/event/class.):

  • Ballet
  • Ceramics/Pottery Painting/Advanced Art
  • Mad Science
  • Simple fun-filled and educational Field Trips (to extend the fun of learning beyond the classroom)
  • Special Outreach Programs/Workshops
  • Terwilliger Wild Center
  • Whale Bus
  • Zoo Mobile

**Note: Classes, schedule and fees are subject to change.


The preschool class has children ages three to four years old. They receive extra special attention to ensure that their first school experience is a happy one. Our school program encourages the preschooler to develop their basic skills and have fun while doing it. The preschool curriculum consists of learning about the calendar, understanding patterns, knowing their colors and basic shapes, and learning the letters of the alphabet.

Social skills are developed as the preschooler learns how to share and get along with others in the classroom. Praise and positive reinforcement are always a part of the daily curriculum! Highlights of the year are holiday parties, birthday celebrations and guest visitors (Zoomobile, Coyote Point Museum, the Police and Fire departments, etc...).


The preschool class has children ages four to five years old. The children continue to learn and develop their social and academic skills through a more structured work time. They are taught their basic shapes, patterning skills, letters/sounds of the alphabet, and how to decode 3 letter phonetic words. Handwriting is introduced and reinforced with writing their names, numbers, and letters. Number identification and simple addition are part of the math curriculum.

Students continue to expand their social skills as they play together and make lasting friendships. Highlights of the year are guest visitors (Zoomobile, Coyote Point Museum, the Police and Fire departments, etc...) and educational field trips to museums, the pumpkin farm and the library.


July 5 - August 23, 2016


At Millbrae Montessori School, we want children to experience success in their everyday work and play. Making lasting friendships and happy memories are an important part of a preschool education. During the summer, we continue to offer our challenging curriculum of phonics, math and science which are developmentally appropriate to fit each child's individual needs. We provide a stimulating classroom environment and include exciting educational field trips for learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Summer at Millbrae Montesori School allows children to explore new places, gain independence and make lasting friendships.

Millbrae Montessori School Summer Ad

* Montessori classes remain in session during the regular scheduled hours.*
* Separate class/field trip fees will apply to some of these activities.*


The following enrichment classes (*optional class/additional fee is required) are offered by Millbrae Montessori School:


Mandarin Class


Mandarin Class is taught twice a week. The children learn vocabulary words, simple phrases, songs and their numbers in Mandarin. They learn how to identify certain Chinese characters and are introduced to Chinese holidays and traditions.

Twice a month, the children participate in a Chinese painting class. They use watercolors and special Chinese ink brushes. Each year we take a field trip to Chinatown to learn more about the Chinese culture.


Spanish Class


Mr Bertin teaches Spanish through his songs and music. He plays games with the children through movement exercises and by using puppetry. Mr Bertin plays the ukelele and the guitar as the children sing-a-long in Spanish. He is always smiling, has a joyful personality and is well liked by all. We are lucky to have Mr. Bertin at Millbrae Montessori School as he makes learning Spanish fun for everyone. We look forward to Monday mornings with Mr. Bertin!


Mad Science


Mad Science is an excellent science enrichment program that provides creative and unique science experiments for preschoolers. Mad Science introduces children to the world of science in a fun and innovative way. In each class, Mad Science inspires young scientists to use their creativity, imagination and math skills to enjoy the hand on experience of doing science experiments and predicting the results.

Programs include: magnets, bubbles, water, color mixing, space, dinosaurs, worms, butterflies, anatomy and many more.


Music Class


Ms Liz Hannon always brings our students the gift of music and leaves us smiling with a song in our hearts. One of our favorite songs that we sing is "We Are Planting Seeds of Love". The children have fun moving and grooving to the music as Ms. Liz plays her guitar and we all sing-a-long.




Leah and Megan Watson have cookie-cutter career lifestyles, joining the San Francisco Ballet as apprentices in 1992, and joining the corps de ballet in 1993. After performing and touring internationally with the company for seven years, Leah and Megan decided to retire and adventure into other avenues of the dance world. They began teaching ballet extensively throughout the Bay Area, honing their skills to better meet the needs of their students. Their diverse background has enabled them to become leaders of quality in dance instruction. If you have any question, please email Lea and Megan Watson or go to their dance studio at if you want to learn more.




Soccer and Smiles' fun-filled classes are professionally designed for 3-6 year olds. Children use their imagination while participating in age-appropriate games and exercises.


Yoga Class


Jennifer Clarke has been teaching yoga to our children for the past year. Her typical agenda is: Sharing Circle (the children respond to a question), Warm Up (with their sundance or other movement activity), Poses (new and familiar), Game, Partner Poses, Cool Down with reathing exercises or floating on their cloud and they end with Closing Circle (saying "namaste", their special yoga thank you). We encourage you to ask your child to show you their favorite pose. Children love to be teachers, so maybe they can teach you what they've learned.


I feel very fortunate and blessed that I found Millbrae Montessori School 4 years ago when I was looking for a preschool for my Son, Matthew. The wonderful environment and loving teachers turned Matthew from a shy little boy into a confident, outgoing boy. The preschool programs and the Pre-K programs that Millbrae Montessori offers are not limited to academic subjects. They also provided lots of arts and crafts, foreign languages, and variety of sports/activities for kids. Of course, when it was time for my daughter to start preschool, it was a no brainer for me to send her there as well. Even though Matthew is now in 1st Grade, he still loves to go back to Millbrae Montessori to visit Ms. Perry, Ms. Nicholle and all the other teachers. To both Matthew and Samantha, Millbrae Montessori is like a second home to them. Sometimes I have trouble asking them to leave school to come home. I am so glad that I chose Millbrae Montessori School as a pre-school for them both. Thank you Ms. Perry, Ms. Nicholle and all the wonderful teachers there.


Millbrae Montessori School was founded in 1981 and is celebrating over 27 years of teaching, learning, and creating happy memories for our students. Since 1981, the directors have kept in contact with many families whose children were once enrolled. Many of the children often come back to visit because of all their many special memories. Parents are always telling us that their children have kept their "love of learning" and that they remain self-motivated in their schoolwork.

The basic principle in the Montessori philosophy of education is that each child carries within him an enthusiam for learning during the preschool years. Our goal is to form a solid foundation that children can build on to learn.

Our integrated curriculum weaves foreign language, music, movement, & art into a strong core academic environment. The multi-sensory Montessori based style of teaching engages the whole child and students develop a love of learning and a respect for life by actively participating in activities that engages their minds and inspires their imagination.


Photo of playing with alphabet


Photo of child reading