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Trevor has blossomed so much since he started attending your preschool. We're so happy with his development and we appreciate all the opportunities your school provides him (not to mention the wonderful snacks & treats!).

~ Dan & Nanette

We are very happy that we helped Hannah find such a great school. Thank you so much for your love and work.

~ Grace & Chungpo Fang

I've had such an amazing experience in Millbrae Montessori. I learned so much, made many friends, went to numerous awesome field trips! Your loving support, never-ending encouragement, endless patience, and refreshing enthusiasm are truly appreciated.

~ The Chew Family

I was thinking about the amount of time that Maeley spent learning, playing, and "being so happy" while in your care:

Ms. Perry and Ms Nicholle..........I cannot find enough "thank yous" to express the amount of gratitude I feel in my heart for all that you have been for Maeley and I. I am so grateful for all the super special experiences you have given to Maeley. I am forever touched by the love and kindness you've expressed to Maeley, to me and to all the other children and parents. You have touched all our lives and we are forever blessed that we had the privilege to be part of your Millbrae Montessori family. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! We love you! We wish you so much peace and happiness! God bless you!

~ Keli

My children gained a tremendous amount at Millbrae Montessori, and both of them entered kindergarten as strong readers. In their time here, they made good friends, visited some wonderful places on school field trips (AT&T Park, Fairyland, and tide pools, to name a few!) and learned beautifully how to succeed in a classroom environment -- listening to teachers, participating in circle time, and respecting their classmates. Our family is so grateful for all that Miss Nicholle and Ms. Perry and all the other teachers did for our kids!

~ Sue and Peter Kelly

Millbrae Montessori fosters a nurturing environment that is very conducive to a young child’s development. The directors and staff there are very kind and truly caring of the children who attend their program. Our daughter went there for two years and to this day, three years later, we still stop by to say hello because of the fondness we have toward the school and the directors. We sincerely appreciate the great educational foundation Millbrae Montessori has instilled in our daughter!

~ Benson H. Wong, DDS

I feel very fortunate and blessed that I found Millbrae Montessori School 4 years ago when I was looking for a preschool for my Son, Matthew. The wonderful environment and loving teachers turned Matthew from a shy little boy into a confident, outgoing boy. The preschool programs and the Pre-K programs that Millbrae Montessori offers are not limited to academic subjects. They also provided lots of arts and crafts, foreign languages, and variety of sports/activities for kids. Of course, when it was time for my daughter to start preschool, it was a no brainer for me to send her there as well. Even though Matthew is now in 1st Grade, he still loves to go back to Millbrae Montessori to visit Ms. Perry, Ms. Nicholle and all the other teachers. To both Matthew and Samantha, Millbrae Montessori is like a second home to them. Sometimes I have trouble asking them to leave school to come home. I am so glad that I chose Millbrae Montessori School as a pre-school for them both. Thank you Ms. Perry, Ms. Nicholle and all the wonderful teachers there.

~ Anne Lam

Joseph has been enrolled in Millbrae Montessori for a little over a year. In that time, I have had the opportunity to see him grow both academically and emotionally into a well-rounded, spirited young boy. The school provides a safe, nurturing, and well-structured environment that fosters the love of learning for all children enrolled. Mrs. Perry, Ms. Nicholle and their entire staff are phenomenal role models and educators who I have personally seen time and time again go that extra mile to help my child grow and learn. Each child at the school is always greeted with warm welcoming smiles and is constantly encouraged to be that special, unique individual. I love that my son, Joseph, has developed a love of art and that he is challenged to try new things daily. One thing that I find to be a positive experience for the development of Joseph’s personality and intellect is the various field trips that Millbrae Montessori takes around the area. Joseph absolutely loves the field trips. He is able to experience the world around him, learning about culture, music, art, history and so much more – doing things, that at his age, you normally never get the chance to do.

With all of that said, my husband and I truly believe that enrolling Joseph into Millbrae Montessori was a great choice for us. They have been extremely successful in encouraging Joseph’s love of school and learning. The positive feelings that he will take from this school will serve him throughout his life.

~ Danielle Abedrabbo

Our daughter KC attended Millbrae Montisorri for just over 2 years. Both as a part-time and full-time student. Not only has she been well prepared academically starting kindergarten this fall, but she received wonderful exposure to so much more; sports, science and ballet, just to name a few. Events took place at school and on field trips as well. She experienced so much more than we could have provided for her on our own. The staff was always kind and flexible when working with kids and parents. I would recommend Millbrae Montessori to any parent who wants a fun well rounded pre-school experience for their child.

~ Susan Kehrberg & Steve Olson

Millbrae Montessori is an exceptional school! During the course of the last 7 years, I have had three children enrolled in the school with my youngest as a current student. The school sets an excellent academic standard and at the same time, children are also exposed to a variety of extra curriculum including yoga, ceramics, soccer, Spanish, Mandarin, zoo mobile, etc. The children at Millbrae Montessori are nurtured by a team of caring staff. I have been very impressed in my children's level of success in both their academic and social skills.

Overall, Millbrae Montessori provides a strong foundation on early childhood education. It is one of the best decisions that I've made for my children!

~Liza Lee

Luca will never forget his time at Millbrae Montesori and the wonderful teachers he had. Thank you so much for providing such a comfortable, warm, enriching environment for him. Luca grew so much in his time with you all! We will be back to visit!

All our Best
~ Alisa, John and Luca Peralta

Sarah started at the Montessori almost exaxtly two years ago at the tender age of 3. Now, I must say at 5 years old, the little person she has become is remarkable. I cannot express enough how wonderful this school has been to us. From the daily school activities, Spanish, Ballet, Ceramics, Special Art Projects, reading with Miss Ginny, and of course the FIELD TRIPS! I could go on and on. What our child has learned and experienced thru your program is beyond any expectation that a parent could ever have. You all bring such an incredible dynamic to the school and the wonderful bond that you make with each of the children is truly very special.

~ Pat, Laurie and Sarah Ward

Our daughter attended MM from age 3 ½ to 5 ½. The school offers an amazing array of on-site and off-site enriching activities and field trips. We feel that in the 2 years she was at MM, she grew very confident and willing to explore the world around her. She has also built lasting friendships with her peers and strong bonds with the kind, patient and experienced staff at school. Importantly, she was very well prepared academically for Kindergarten. As parents, we have been impressed by the kindness, personal attention and dedication of the teachers and have been delighted to see our child participate with enthusiasm to the various school shows throughout the year. Millbrae Montessori offers a truly unique preschool experience and we are proud our child was a student there.

~ Isabelle

We enrolled our son and daughter at Millbrae Montessori School for Preschool and Kindergarten. Right from the start, my husband and I knew we made the right choice for our kids.
The nurturing and safe environment, the great academic program, flexible schedule arrangements, wide variety of educational field trips, the acceptance of individuality and different gift of each child, and most especially the dedication of the teachers made Millbrae Montessori School a top choice. What more can a parent ask for?

We have seen positive changes with our kids. They have developed good social skills, and they are especially advanced in their Math and Reading skills upon entering First Grade. Millbrae Montessori have developed a program to build a good foundation for our kids in their academics without losing the balance between learning and fun play. With the teachers and parents working close together, the experience for us was very personal and rewarding.

~ Eva Dimacali

Through Millbrae Montessori, AJ has found guidance, friendship, discipline and love. We are so grateful for all of your support and everything you have done for AJ, this truly was a great year and overall phenomenal educational experience.

~ The Naser Family

“Millbrae Montessori is a phenomenal preschool that has broadened and enriched the lives and early development of my two children. The numerous field trips the students may participate in allow the children to explore the world beyond the classroom and go to places they may otherwise never visit. The teachers are nurturing and caring and create a safe environment for all children to grow, play, and learn. My two children blossomed the 3 years they attended Millbrae Montessori and were exceptionally well prepared for their elementary education.”