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In this program, your child will develop the reading readiness skills required to make learning to read easy, enjoyable and successful.

This class uses fun phonics games, bookmaking art projects, lovely instructional materials, musical CDs. We will review the alphabet's upper and lower cases, and beginning phonics. We try to provide small group classes, individualized and shared reading group, stimulating instruction, introduction to children's literature, and engaging programs.

In the K-1 Grade, we teach important phonics alongside comprehension skills required to become a fluent reader. We introduce sight words, dictation, spelling phonetically the various word families and sentence writing. Our sentence writing will lead to daily/weekly journal.

This program will make reading easier, more fun and enjoyable for your child. We want to increase your child's self confidence and love of books and literature to establish a lifelong habit of reading for pleasure and learning. We will make certain that every student understands what they are reading and develop a lifelong pursuit of reading because books are a great foundation for higher learning.