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Millbrae Montessori School was founded in 1981 and is celebrating over 27 years of teaching, learning, and creating happy memories for our students. Since 1981, the directors have kept in contact with many families whose children were once enrolled. Many of the children often come back to visit because of all their many special memories. Parents are always telling us that their children have kept their "love of learning" and that they remain self-motivated in their schoolwork.

The basic principle in the Montessori philosophy of education is that each child carries within him an enthusiam for learning during the preschool years. Our goal is to form a solid foundation that children can build on to learn.

Our integrated curriculum weaves foreign language, music, movement, & art into a strong core academic environment. The multi-sensory Montessori based style of teaching engages the whole child and students develop a love of learning and a respect for life by actively participating in activities that engages their minds and inspires their imagination.


The Montessori classroom is a carefully prepared environment to enhance a child's academic growth and sense of order. Children move freely about the classroom, choosing work that they desire. The classroom is spacious with some children sitting at small tables with friends, others working on small rugs on the floor, and some quietly looking at books in the reading corner. Each class begins with a circle time when teachers may sing songs, discuss topics of interest and introduce new materials and lessons to the class. After circle time, the children are free to work independently with carefully prepared Montessori "jobs"; activities specifically designed to enrich each child with the Montessori philosophy of education. The class concludes with story time./p>

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Our goal is to empower the children to make their own decisions, allowing the children to independently explore their world; providing them with self confidence and self-awareness.

The Montessori classroom is also a place for emotional and social growth. Children learn to behave appropriately in the classroom and also on the playground. They are taught to be respectful of one another and of the materials in the classroom.